SHR Beauty

What is SHR?

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology of hair removal which is having a sweeping success.
The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving painless results. SHR combined with “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected.

Machine Applications

HR handpiece: hair removal
SR handpiece: Pigment therapy, Vascular therapy, Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, Breast liftup


Controller 15” TFT true color LCD display (24bits for color)
Output power 2500W
RF frequency 10MHz
RF energy 1-50J/cm3
IPL energy SHR: 1-15J/cm2 UL: 1-50J/cm2
Pulse frequency/Discharge interval SHR: 1-10 shots/ second UL: 0.2 – 1 shot / second
Number of pulse SHR: 1T (single pulse) UL: 1-6T (multi pulses)
RF delay SHR: 1-100ms UL: 1-500ms
Wavelength 610nm-950nm-1200nm; 530nm-950nm-1200nm
Number of handpiece 2pcs
Spot size 10x50mm
Program languages English standard, any language optional
Cooling system semiconductor+ air + water + cooling gel
Skin cooling ≤0-100C
Dimension of machine 47*47*109cm
Dimension of package 67*63*123cm
N.W. 57kg
G.W. 92kg
Voltage 110V
Package aluminum alloy case


a. Pregnant women
b. Insolation in the sun
c. be hypersensitive to light or medicine, or are taking medicine that sensitive to light
d. Using vitamin within 6 months
e. Not representative naevi or malignant pathological changes in the treatment area.
f. Pacemaker or quiver dispelling machine user
g. Herpes or trauma
h. Pimple record
i. People who accept Hirudin etc. treatment (should stop using it before 2 weeks).
j. Serious diabetes patient, high blood pressure sufferer, and epileptic

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