Skin Analysis

SKIN Analysis System(SAS)

Redefine the vision of skin care.

Treatment Theory

Skin analysis system give a new definition of skin care. Analysis system delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations. Updated software allows faster image capture with automatic skin type classification,refined facial feature detection and more.


1- Easily Cature High Quality. Standardized Facial Images
multi-point positioning system and live image overlay make it easy to capture perfectly registered images to document over time.

2- Clear communication
Select personalized recommendations from built-in skin care products and treatment.
Select personalized recornmendations from built-in skin care products and treatment.
Your satff will setll rejuvenation and skin care treatment more effectively with recommendations combine with the visual impact of complexion Analysis All the analysis report can be printed in the wiewwMyConsult web portal.

3-Experienced software
analysis software used in VISIA was developed in late 1990s has undergone extensive lab and field-testing. Since 1998, P&G has deployed their complexion analysis software as a sales tool to promote their Olay and SKLL brands of cosmetic products. As such, the P&G software was never intended for clinical trials. However, the VISIA complexion analysis algorithms themselves are supported by an extensive set of research papers describing the analysis techniques and results across various skin types.


Pixel 18 million pixel
Optical source RGB,PL, UV
Operation system Win7, Win8, WinlO
Machine size 45*46*60cm
Net Weight 15 Kg
Power supply 110-240 V
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